Saturday, 16 February 2013

Nenthra Pazham payasam (Kerala - Banana Pudding)

Kerala Big Banana (Nenthra Pazham)        -     2 Numbers

Jaggery                                                        -     400 Grams

Coconut Milk (Thin)                                   -     1 Cup 

Coconut Milk (Thick)                                 -     1 Cup 

Ghee                                                            -     4 Table Spoon

Cardamom Powder                                      -     1 Table Spoon

Cashew Nut                                                 -      10 Numbers
Raisins                                                         -       15 Numbers
Coconut Pieces                                            -      1 Table Spoon
Dry Ginger Powder                                     -      1/2 Table Spoon
Water                                                           -      1 Cup
Salt                                                               -      1 Pinch
Method :      
1) Steam the 2 Bananas. Peal the Bananas, with a knife , split the banana to half vertically. Now remove the Black Seeds from it (We get black seed like substance in Kerala Big bananas)  
2) Mash the banana in a grinder, till we get a nice paste.
3) Take a pan, melt jaggery with 1 cup of water and remove impurities by straining it.    
4) Take a thick bottom vessel add mashed banana paste and 2 tsp of ghee and cook till it turns brown thick paste. Note : Please stir while it cooks..
5) Add melted jaggery into this mixture and cook on a medium flame and stir continuously. When this mixture is thick add thin coconut milk and stir and cook for 5 minutes.     
6) When this mixture is thick add thick coconut milk and mix it well. Remove from fire. Do not allow it to boil.
7) Add 1 pinch salt and stir the mixture .
8) Sprinkle cardamom powder and dry ginger powder on top of the pudding...
9) Heat 2 table spoon  of ghee add coconut pieces, cashew nut, and raisins and fry for 2 minutes. Pour this into the payasam. Delicious Banana payasam is ready to serve ! 

                                                                       Mrs. Anand Swarup 

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