Monday, 18 February 2013

General English - 7

1. Ramesh's mind was attuned ____ music

A: to  B: with  C: on

Ans:- to

2. Robert called me up ____ sunday morning.

A: on  B: in  C: to

Ans:- on

3. I am ____ duty from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternonn today.

A: on  B: for  C: in

Ans:- on

4. The candidates were tense _____ expectancy.

A: with  B: in  C: on

Ans:- with

5. We can do nothing _____ under these circumstances.

A: at   B: under  C: for

Ans:- under

6. Milk is made ______ butter and cheese.

A: with  B: from  C: into

Ans:- into

7. There is no exception ____ this rule.

A: for  B: to  C: about

Ans:- to

8. The boy jumped into the period ____ his eyes closed.

A: with  B: at  C: by

Ans:- with

9. I am angry with him ____ for his carelessness.

A: on  B: to  C: for

Ans:- for

10. Mr. Lee laid down his own life ____ the cause of democracy.

A: to  B: in  C: of

Ans:- in

                                                                     Mrs. Anand Swarup

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