Sunday, 17 February 2013

General English - 6

1. Ramesh's mind was attuned ______ music.

A: to   B: on   C: at

Ans:-  A

2. Good sleep is necessary ______ good health.

A: for  B: of  C: from

Ans:-  A

3. The candidates were tense ______ expectancy.

A: with  B: in   C: from

Ans:-  A

4. Your statement is very much similar _____ mine.

A: of   B: on   C: to

Ans:- C

5. Take this medicine and you will get rid _____ the bad cold.

A: of   B: over   C: at

Ans:- A

6. I am angry with him ______ his carelessness.

A: on   B: to   C: for

Ans:-  C

7. I am ready to say this _____ her face.

A: on   B: at   C: to

Ans:- A

8. There is no exception _____ this rule.

A: for   B: to   C: at

Ans:- B

9. A good judge never gropes _____  the conclusion.

A: on   B: to    C: for

Ans:- C

10. President Saddam Hussain has lived _____ the gun all his life.

A: for   B: on   C: by

Ans:- C

                                                                      Mrs. Anand Swarup

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