Sunday, 3 February 2013

Indian gooseberry or Aamla Juice

Aamla      -  4 numbers

Ginger     -   Small piece (add to flavour)

Lemon     -  1/4th piece

Sugar       -  4 Table Spoon (Add to taste) 

Honey     -  1 Table Spoon

Water      -  1 Cup

Grind the 4 Aamla and Ginger, extract its juice ...  Add 1/4th table spoon of lemon juice to it.
Add 1 Cup of water..   And blend this in a blender for 1 min...we get a  white frothy foam, pour this into a glass... Add 1 table spoon of honey to it. Just stir it with a Spoon...

Amla Juice is ready... This is a good drink and very nutritious. Children generally dislike Aamla.. We can give Aamla in a juice form...

                                                           Mrs  Anand Swarup


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