Monday, 4 March 2013

Pal payasam

Milk                                      -           4 cups(1 litre)

Raw rice or Basmati           -            2 Table Spoon

Sugar                                   -            1/2 Cup

Ghee                                    -            1 Teaspoon

Cardamom Powder             -            Generous Pinch

Preparation :

1) Clean and Wash the rice.

2) Take a thick bottomed vessel and add milk. Cook with low flame. Don't forget to stir.

3) Then add rice and stir it well. Allow the rice to cook  with milk.

4) Then add sugar and stir it well.

5)  Add Ghee and sprinkle the cardamom powder to this payasam.

Our tasty Pal Payasam is ready...

                                                          Mrs. Anand Swarup


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