Sunday, 17 March 2013

General Knowledge - 10

1) The Indian National Congress was founded by

A: Mahatma Gandhi

B: Annie Besant

C: A.O.Hume

Ans: A.O.Hume

2) The last  Mughal Emperor was

A: Akbar

B: Babur

C: Bahadur Shah

Ans: Bahadur Shah

3) Chanakya was known as

A: Rajasekhara

B: Vishnugupta

C: Visakhadatta

Ans: Vishnugupta

4)  The quit India movement was started in the year

A: 1942

B: 1945

C: 1943

Ans: 1942

5) Whose teachings inspired the French Revolution?

A: Locke

B: Plato

C: Rousseau

Ans: Rousseau




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